Sköna tankar


Right now, it feels better to write in English and I am going to continue in a while, because of the training programme with Dr. Bredesen on the upcoming days in Miami.

I am sitting at the San Francisco Airport and thinking about people who keep asking me about, actually in a daily basis, that they have no problem with consuming sugar, gluten or other inflammation producing foods. And then I open my book, last chapter of “The end of Alzheimer’s” by Dr. Dale Bredesen and read the answers. This is an ongoing event that takes time before the symptoms will affect the individual. The answers are as follow:

  • People who are at risk, because of their ApoE4 status, but who do not have symptoms for now. it will be years before the symptoms appear.
  • People with subjective cognitive impairment.
  • People with early mild cognitive impairment.
  • People with early Alzheimer’s disease. Although we call this “ early Alzheimer’s disease” the underlying pathophysiological process has been present for two decades or so, indicating that this is the course of the underlying process. Nevertheless, we have had many people with early Alzheimer’s disease, and MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) scores of 20 or higher teens, show clear cognitive improvement.

And I am collecting all the questions before the conference begins in 2 days. Please, send me your thoughts and questions if you have any!

2 reaktioner till “Sköna tankar

  1. Tack för dina insattser beträffande dina förebyggande råd om orsaken av dem besvärliga och oroväkande sjukdommar.
    Jag persoligen mår mycket bättre nu med dina råd på min kroniska besvär.

    Gillad av 1 person


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