Sköna nyheter från AHNP

AHNP Precision Health tillkännager sin satsning i MPI Cognition demensverksamheten för att snabbt kunna ta fram ett banbrytande Alzheimers behandlingsprotokoll designat av den ledande Alzheimers forskare, Dr Dale Bredesen.

AHNP Precision Health is announcing its acquisition of the MPI Cognition dementia business in order to rapidly bring a ground-breaking Alzheimer’s treatment protocol designed by the leading Alzheimer’s researcher to the market. Dale Bredesen MD, Founder, Co-Chairman, and Chief Science Officer of MPI Cognition is the best-selling author of the highly-acclaimed book, The End of Alzheimer’s. His 30 years of research at UCLA and the Buck Institute into the causes of Alzheimer’s has led to new understandings of the interventions needed for the prevention and treatment of the disease which affects roughly 5.5 million Americans, and nearly 44 million people around the world. His book outlines the science of the protocol, reviews his successful work with patients, and lays out the behavioral, dietary, and supplementation regimen that are at the heart of the treatment.

Läs hela artikeln här:



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